Environmental & Sustainable Energy Services

Energy_Meter.jpgAs a leading mechanical, plumbing, and energy services company, EMCOR Services Combustioneer is uniquely positioned to address the environmental impact of not only our own facilities and operations, but those of our client’s organizations as well.

As energy management consultants, we offer a wide range of services and tools to contribute to the environmental sustainability of your new or existing facility, including renewable energy consulting.

Our building automation experts help you identify ways to reduce energy use, many of which are low-cost or no-cost approaches. We also assist clients in obtaining and maintaining LEED and Energy Star certifications.

EMCOR Services Combustioneer positively impacts the sustainability of hundreds of facilities each year through energy consulting services and innovative construction solutions such as:

  • Lighting and plumbing retrofits
  • LEED certification
  • Chiller, boiler, and VSD upgrades and retrofits
  • Building control system upgrades and site solutions that minimize energy consumption and improve tenant comfort
  • Recommendations for cogeneration power, solar power, and fuel cell facilities
  • Vegetative roof support systems
  • Energy consulting and design services
  • Utility usage review, data logging, monitoring, and, if needed, maintenance and repair